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Peaceful Beginnings

Infant BONDING & ATTACHMENT are vital for your baby's development. A newborn is reflex driven & therefore demonstrate their needs with body movement & sound. These early movement patterns of survival allow the baby to connect with a need and for a parent to connect with a response of nurture & love.

Connecting & responding to your baby with warmth & care supports & provides a peaceful beginning & allows the creation of a functional family.

Ways to connect

Allow your baby to be held and attached to you. Skin to skin or "kangaroo care" is known to development neural pathways of connection

Use a gentle rhythmic hum while your baby rests on you. The vibration allows baby to feel secure & will often regulate breathing

Breathe deeply and focus on a point on the wall or elsewhere while holding baby, as you do breathe deeply into your belly, use your diaphragm and feel the calm in your internal and external world

High pitch classical baroque music very softly played gently stimulates the baby's vestibular system. This system is important for later development of proprioception and allows the baby to begin to navigate equilibrium

Gently massage your baby with gentle touch. When a baby is born they do not know where they begin nor end. By the end of the first year a baby is using babble words and attempting to upright walk. Moving your baby's arms, legs and softly feeding baby's skin with loving touch is knows to support cognitive development, improve immunity, allow neural pathway connections & improves parent child connections.

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