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The Sleeptalk Process ®
Modern, Professional online & in person support for all families Internationally.

Transform your family life with the power of
The Sleeptalk Process®

Carefree childhood and happy homes with The Sleeptalk Process



It all began 60 years ago.

A remarkable woman Joane Goulding Created a Method that would transform families globally, quietly & gently.

What began as a mothers need unlocked a simple parenting resource that has transformed families over many decades. The most remarkable part of this story is the many children that are now adults who benefited from The Sleeptalk Process®  Joane Goulding's Method.

Parenting is a journey that all of us begin with somewhat of a plan.  Mostly we are often aware that we want to do the best for our children yet are unprepared for the raw love and emotion that often gets in the way of our parenting navigation plans.

In 2016 I was honoured to be personally trained by Joane Goulding in The Sleeptalk Process ®. The dedication that this remarkable woman has, along with a passion that remains focussed and family centred is a rare jewel in the modern parenting crown.

Parenting has changed, family dynamics, generational and cultural norms have been upgraded and we face a world of the most up to date connectivity and understanding of how to do anything we so dream or desire.

However, all babies are born dependent, they require a safe and secure environment to not only survive but  thrive in.  The Joane Goulding Method continues to stand the test of time and despite being almost 60 years young it is still one of the most progressive, modern parenting tools every family can benefit from.

Joane remains a close and remarkable mentor to me and I am honoured that she is also a friend.  I can not have a conversation without gaining a pearl of wisdom from this remarkable woman.

It is an honour to continue Joane's life long legacy under the umbrella of my main company Just Juniors Ltd.

The Sleeptalk Process is a progressive parenting tool for raising happiness

What Families have to say

The Sleeptalk Process® gave me the opportunity to help my ten year old daughter build her confidence and self-esteem in a most unique and satisfying way. Throughout the program my daughter’s concentration also gradually improved. I would recommend any parent to give it a go!

- Mother Hong Kong

"Hi Carla, how are you? I just wanted to update you on our daughter. Today we went to the dentist and I was dumbfounded! She sat there with the biggest smile on her face, did everything the dentist asked of her, had radiographs and a cleaning and said she is very much looking forward to her next check up. Just incredible! I cannot thank you enough. It was such a u-turn the dentist has asked me for your details should she have other patients as anxiety ridden as our daughter was. Just brilliant! Thank you so much."

Parents - Hong Kong

Thanks Carla

We are blown away with the changesReally looking forward  to catching up again then.

Once again thanks for your time and help! 

Parents - Australia

Parents are a child's first teacher The Sleeptalk Process

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There are numerous Consultancy Services available to your family.

My service is modern,  practical and professional,  supporting you to create a functional, dynamic, and inclusive family.​

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Early Years facilitators and anyone wanting to promote a positive change in how we view the early years can also benefit from a group consultancy session. ​

I incorporate all aspects of my professional career, expertise and knowledge into all my consultancy and speaking events.
I have had an extraordinary parenting and professional journey. And, I am thrilled to bring my compendium of the past thirty five years to your family.​

Carla Pahl


Just Juniors Ltd.

No  more sibling rivalry with The Sleeptalk Process
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