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The Sleeptalk Process®  A few minutes each night

Creating Functional Families® with The Sleeptalk Process®

I have always worked online because I have always had clients seek my service from many countries & time zones.  

When the pandemic began & social distancing swiftly became a part of our lives working online was a simple way for me to continue to connect with families at what became a crucial time for families Internationally.  I am available to support clients from around the world, regardless of their location, whether it's Hong Kong, Melbourne, Australia, or any other part of the globe

I did have a small consulting room that I saw clients in however my situation changed and I needed 

I am experienced & confident in offering The Sleeptalk Process® of service online & find the sessions are just as effective, if not more effective for the following reasons.













Mental & emotional wellbeing care has not always been readily available. Coordinating a family when there are various dynamics requiring support is difficult for parents. This may have stopped people struggling to find the support they have needed. When trying to find solutions to their needs, perhaps no support therapies were available logistically within proximity or perhaps a referral may have taken time. Perhaps the very thought of getting out the house to find support was an overwhelm? Leading to an avoidance of the issue altogether, putting your emotional and mental wellbeing on hold for another time?

Whatever the case, modern technology and The Sleeptalk Process® online  supports mental and emotional well-being and is easily accessible. 


The Sleeptalk Process® online allows options to have your consultations in your home, office or wherever you are located, eliminating the need for traveling and getting to in person meetings. You choose the right time to experience your professional Sleeptalk Process® online.®


The full Sleeptalk Process® is the most cost effective support with whole family benefit.  Each child in the family is part of the process and the support to the family unit is invaluable.  Not only is The Sleeptalk Process® a valuable parenting tool for all families, the complete program builds emotional resilience and confident children that will build scaffolding for life!  The cost of the complete 12- week process is not only an investment for now but for generations.

It starts with you

Scheduling an online Discovery Session with me is easy by scheduling a strategy appointment now we can begin The Sleeptalk Process®  NOW!

Imagine the positive harmony that your family can experience in 12 short weeks. There are numerous reasons why you should prioritise your families mental & emotional wellbeing, your physical health, your happiness, and your quality of life.

The Sleeptalk Process® Empowering children to THRIVE
The Sleeptalk Process® Building SELF ESTEEM
The Sleeptalk Process® Experience the TRANSFORMATION
The Sleeptalk Process® supports EMOTIONAL & BEHAVIOURAL concerns
The Sleeptalk Process® Creating Functional Families and building connectivity
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