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About Carla Pahl
The Sleeptalk Process

Registered Nurse (Aust.)
Registered Midwife (Aust.)

Neuro Development cognitive sensory motor Consultant (Aust.)

Former Owner Operator of Toddler Kindy Gymbaroo Hong Kong

Clinical Hypnotherapist (Aust.)
Member Australian Hypnotherapists Association 
Member Australian Counsellors association 
Member American Hypnosis Association
Member The Australian Hypnosis Alliance
Certified Hypnotherapy ADD and ADHD (AHA)

Practitioner Hypnotherapy Diploma in Children and Teens Hypnotherapy (UK)
Certified Hypnotherapy Childbirth Hypnotherapy (AHA)
Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (AHA)

Accredited The SleepTalk Process® Consultant 

CEO The Sleeptalk Process® Postive Parenting & Early Childhood Specialist​
Sheila Granger Virtual Gastric Band practitioner (UK)
Sheila Granger Education Performance Practitioner (UK)

I have been professionally trained in nursing, midwifery and Hypnotherapy for many years. My original professional qualifications are from Australia and I am associated with and recognised by many International Memberships. I further supplement my professional development with accredited courses and published literature. However, all my qualifications only act as many tools to support my clients. 

In 2023 I purchased the Australian Business The Sleeptalk Process® which has allowed me to structure a gentle parenting approach to support all children and all families.  As a mother of four TCK's (Third Culture Kids) I am particularly aware of inter cultural, and generational family belief systems and dynamics along with their ramification on parenting styles, beliefs and the affect on children. 


With the purchase of The Sleeptalk Process® business, I am honoured to continue the unwavering contribution that Joane Goulding has made to pedagogical psychology. 

With four decades of paediatric and early childhood professional qualifications and exceptional mentors along the way, I bring an unparalleled approach to Creating Functional Families®.

Being a passionate advocate for modern and progressive parenting and with a deep commitment to providing authentic and personalised support to parents, acquiring and rebranding the trusted resource of The Sleeptalk Process® has allowed me to better cater to the evolving needs of today's global families.


I am dedicated to authenticity and professionalism and this sets The Sleeptalk Process® apart from copycat mimicry which unfortunately, has in the past, tried  to convey the idea of The Sleeptalk Process®  in attempted duplication. Through unwavering dedication, commitment, and belief, I am steadfast in my pursuit of excellence and progress Creating Functional Families® for modern parents.  Progressive, educated parents are invested in giving  genuine and effective guidance to their children as they navigate parenthood and raise the  generation that they have created. 

I firmly believe that The Sleeptalk Process® is unparalleled, unmatched and a Breakthrough Parenting Miracle and I am determined to support families globally with and advocate for family wellbeing and emotional harmony.

Carla Pahl The Sleeptalk Process® Sleeptalk Parent consultant® Sleeptalk Children® Creating Functional Families®

Supporting You to Help Your Child

"Hi Carla, how are you? I just wanted to update you on XXXX Today we went to the dentist and I was dumbfounded! She sat there with the biggest smile on her face, did everything the dentist asked of her, had radiographs and a cleaning and said she is very much looking forward to her next check up. Just incredible! I cannot thank you enough. It was such a u-turn the dentist has asked me for your details should she have other patients as anxiety ridden as XXXX was. Just brilliant!

Thank you so much."

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