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Welcome to The Sleeptalk Process® Online Consultation

I am dedicated to supporting your family with personalised and effective online consultation. My comprehensive approach is tailored to meet your family's unique needs and help you achieve lasting positive change.











Here's how the process works


             1. Make Initial Contact 
The first step is to reach out and express your interest in the online SleepTalk  Process.consultation. You can do this by filling out the linked contact form and I will reach out to you via email or Whatsapp. I will respond promptly to schedule your initial Discovery Consultation.

              2. Discovery Consultation

Understand more and get to know me during our pre booked Discovery Consultation, we'll discuss your family's dynamics, challenges, and goals. This personalised session allows me to understand your specific needs and  support you will solution driven navigation of The Sleeptalk Process®. 
The Discovery Consultation is normally 20 minutes and a chance to understand the expected commitment from any parent that I work with.

               3. The Sleeptalk Process® Long Consultation

During this  consultation I will conduct a comprehensive online consultation to establish the background and relevant history of your family. This session will also map out the trajectory of the process, creating a roadmap for the support and guidance you will receive. This Initial and baseline long Consultation is normally 90 minutes.

               4. Check-in Consultation at 4 weeks

The Check-in is booked 4 Weeks After commencing The Sleeptalk Process® modalities. This pre scheduled  check-in consultation provides an opportunity to assess progress, address any concerns, and make any necessary adjustments to the process modality.

The Check in 4 week consultation is normally a brief 30 minutes.


               5. Long Consultation at 6-8 Weeks

Between 6-8 weeks after commencing The Sleeptalk Process®, we will conduct a longer, in-depth consultation. This session allows for a more comprehensive review of progress and provides additional guidance and support based on the evolving needs of your family. This is a time where I may bring in other pedagogical appropriate support depending on your families needs.  Recognising the inherent uniqueness of every family, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide tailored support that acknowledges and addresses the nuanced dynamics within each household. It is also often a  consultation where I get to hear just how much the family unit has evolved over the past 8 weeks.

                6. Final Sign-off Consultation at 12-14 Weeks

At the 12-14 week mark, we will conduct a final sign-off consultation. This session serves as a comprehensive review of the entire process, celebrating achievements and solidifying the positive changes achieved within your family. 

I am committed to supporting your family every step of the way and empowering your family to thrive. Contact me now to begin your journey with The Sleeptalk Process®.

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