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Parent Testimonials 
Discover the Impact ofThe Sleeptalk Process

The Sleeptalk process® gave me the opportunity to help my ten year old daughter build her confidence and self-esteem in a most unique and satisfying way. Throughout the program my daughter’s concentration also gradually improved. I would recommend any parent to give it a go!

Mother, Hong Kong

"Hi Carla, how are you? I just wanted to update you on XXXX Today we went to the dentist and I was dumbfounded! She sat there with the biggest smile on her face, did everything the dentist asked of her, had radiographs and a cleaning and said she is very much looking forward to her next check up. Just incredible! I cannot thank you enough. The Sleeptalk Process®  was such a u-turn the dentist has asked me for your details should she have other patients as anxiety ridden as XXXX was. Just brilliant! Thank you so much."

Anonymous, Hong Kong

Carla's extensive skill base, compassion and commitment to supporting her client's needs is enough to share my recommendation. Her ability to help you feel safe, understood and truly heard are further qualities that so simply radiate from Carla and her client centred approach, I cannot speak more highly.

 impressed by Carla’s use of and reference to evidence-based guidelines, best practice and research, as well as her consideration for holistic care, not to mention her intuitive guidance and direction.

Carla’s gentle nature and calming presence helped me to feel at ease. aCarla helped me work on breaking down and clearing blockages and anchors that continued to reinforce negative and unhelpful actions.

Carla radiates a beautiful energy."

Health Professional, Australia

After struggling with test and study anxiety for much of my time at university, having the support from Carla helped instill confidence in my abilities as I approached my final exams. I feel like I performed better than ever and felt much more calm and prepared than I have been in the past. Thank you Carla!

University Student, Australia

Professional, United Kingdom

Hi Carla, I have visited you with my daughter and you did a light hypnosis/meditation to help her with her stress and anxiety for tests at school. Now almost a year later I want to let you know that she has gone through such a transformation. Of course, she is still stressed for her exams but is much more capable of handling and canalising it. After summer she is going to boarding school overseas, a process of which she took complete ownership of and has thrived in. She has been so confident and glowing. She managed to land multiple offers and was able to present herself without fear or insecurity. Life will never be without challenges but it’s all about how you deal with them. I just wanted to let you know that I guess you really have planted a seed with your treatment and it ripples through. Thank you. 


"Carla offered to help and support me during one of the most emotionally challenging times in my life. She recommended a 'clearing' using clinical hypnotherapy and although I was slightly unsure at first, Carla explained the whole process to me and answered all my questions so that any apprehension or uncertainty quickly vanished. During the hypnotherapy itself, I felt relaxed and calm as Carla talked me through each stage. I was truly amazed at how good I felt the next day! It was remarkably sudden, like a light bulb had been switched on; I was able to clear my mind and focus on the important aspects of my life again, something I had not been able to do for several weeks prior to this. I felt truly healed. Her calm words remain with me to this day, several months later, and I cannot thank her enough for supporting me through that difficult time in my life. I am a completely changed woman for it and would recommend (and have done!) her and her wonderful work to everyone."

Mother, Hong Kong

I thoroughly recommend Carla Pahl Hypnotherapy to deal with a broad range of challenges to overcome fears or concerns you may have.

Recently, our son had multiple surgeries that were both emergency in nature and unexpected. He experienced kidney stones (which in children is very uncommon) and was quite fearful of the process and what he may expect through the surgery and procedure.  He was approaching the experience with such bravery, but I wanted to minimise his pain and fear about what was to take place.

Carla performed hypnotherapy on our son, which was designed to put his mind at ease throughout the process and also minimise pain experienced physically by him, both during and post surgery. Our son’s fears were allayed and he positively entered theatre for his operation.


Post surgery, he was comfortable and complete in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be experiencing the pain he had prior to surgery and his emotional and physical healing was, in my opinion, accelerated by the hypnotherapy.


He seemed relaxed and satisfied after his hospitalisation and recovered unbelievably well.


Carla explained the process to him in an age appropriate way and her nursing and paediatric background cemented our confidence that she would be leading him into the surgery and post-operative treatment with experience and knowledge that was crucial to us. Her extensive medical background also tremendously benefited us in what he was going through medically.


I wholeheartedly recommend Carla Pahl Hypnotherapy as she can adapt the hypnotherapy treatment to your needs and was hugely successful for us and our outcomes for our child during what was an extremely difficult and challenging time for our family.

Mother, Hong Kong

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