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Key Considerations for Parents:
The Sleeptalk Process®

Sleeping in a cozy homemade tent fort. This serene image captures the essence of Creating Functional Families

The SleepTalk process is a valuable tool for parents to enhance family harmony and dynamics. Here are some key points for parents to know about the SleepTalk process® before engaging my service:

  1. During The SleepTalk process®, every child in the family participates. This means that each child benefits from the process, contributing to a more harmonious family dynamic.

  2. Parents must commit to the 12-week process. By dedicating just three minutes each day to The SleepTalk process®, parents can experience astounding growth in family harmony and dynamics. It's important to understand that the breakthrough response may not be as effective without this consistent commitment.

  3. It's important to note that The SleepTalk Process® is not a sleep training program for babies or toddlers. While The SleepTalk Process® can help with various nighttime behaviours, it is not intended as a modality for sleep training. However, the process can have a profound effect and support parents with any nocturnal issues their children may be experiencing.

  4. The children are recipients of The SleepTalk process®, as it is facilitated to the child from the parent(s). It's essential to understand that all consultations do not involve the children in any way. The SleepTalk process® is a gentle parenting tool used by parents to support their children for just three minutes each day, yielding astounding results.


By understanding these key points, parents can approach The SleepTalk Process® with clarity and confidence, knowing this valuable tool will enhance family harmony and support your children's emotional well-being.

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