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Proactive Parenting with The Sleeptalk Process®

Ensure a strong foundation for your first-time schoolers or kindergarteners by proactively implementing The Sleeptalk Process®. By taking just two minutes out of your day, even the busiest of parents can equip themselves with this unparalleled parenting tool. Carla, an experienced professional with 28 years of expertise in Hong Kong, understands the challenges of modern parenthood. With a focus on supporting professional parents, Carla aims to provide valuable insights and strategies to create a functional family and a harmonious home. Additionally, her work with Third Culture Kids (TCKs) emphasises the importance of emotional support for culturally diverse children. Partnering with paediatric therapists, Carla brings a wealth of knowledge to the updated and modernised "The Sleeptalk Process®"brand, offering international and online assistance to parents seeking proactive solutions for their families


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